And the winner is...

jacinda ardern!

Congratulations, Jacinda Ardern, for being awarded the title of "World's Most Hated" for 2021. It's truly a remarkable achievement to be recognized for your parasitic influence on the lives of countless individuals. Your unwavering dedication to pushing mandatory vaccination policies and suppressing the truth about vaccine-related side effects is truly commendable. Your relentless efforts to promote the interests of pharmaceutical giants and suppress the voices of those who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines have not gone unnoticed. It's heartening to see that your parasitic tendencies have been acknowledged and celebrated on a global scale. Your commitment to undermining personal freedom and promoting the agenda of Big Pharma is an inspiration to us all.

It's quite an achievement to be despised by so many people around the world. Your parasitic behavior has truly set you apart from the rest. You have demonstrated a remarkable ability to manipulate and control others, all while taking advantage of their weaknesses. Your efforts to undermine and destroy the values and traditions of hardworking people have not gone unnoticed. Your parasitic nature has made you a true champion of the corrupt and the self-serving.

Keep up the great work, parasite!

Runner Ups

justin tudeau

Second place

anthony fauci

Third place

Ignoble Mentions

4thanthony fauci (28 votes)
5thdaniel andrews (13 votes)
6thgeorge soros (6 votes)
7thrachel levine (1 votes)
8thmichael gunner (1 votes)

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This accolade is subjective and influenced by a myriad of factors, including political leanings, personal beliefs, and interpretations of actions. In a world teeming with parasites, it's not uncommon for individuals who dare to challenge the status quo to face intense criticism and animosity. We must remember that such an award is merely a reflection of the opinions of others, and not a definitive measure of one's character or achievements. May we all strive to engage in constructive dialogue and respectful debate, regardless of our differences.